Love’s Travel Center

A map shows the location of a proposed Love’s Travel Center. 

Dozens of Litchfield Park and Waddell residents were primed to attend a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting March 5. They planned to protest the developer of Cotton Properties’ plans for a Love’s Travel Center on recently annexed land near Cotton Lane and Bethany Home Road.

Councilwoman Joyce Clark sent an email to members of the protest group March 4: “The Cotton Properties item scheduled to be heard by the Planning Commission, tomorrow Thursday, March 5, has been continued until Thursday, April 2. If you were planning to attend, please do not attend tomorrow’s Planning Commission meeting.”

The Planning Commission March 5 agenda posted online includes the following:

“A request by Mahdi Sadek, Epsilon Engineering, representing property owner Cotton Bethany LLC / 303 Cotton LLC, for the rezoning of approximately 161 acres from A-1 (Agricultural) to PAD (Planned Area Development) to allow land uses such as retail commercial, support commercial/offices, and industrial as the most viable use.  The site is located on the west side of the Loop 303 Freeway, between Glendale Avenue and Bethany Home Road in the Yucca District.”

On March 4, the day before the meeting, the agenda was revised. Under the Cotton Properties zoning request was a notice “this item has been continued to the April 2 Planning Commission meeting.”

The Love’s truck stop protest group emailed a flier urging people to attend the March 5 meeting and stated, “Don’t let Glendale destroy your quality of life with air and noise pollution, increase in crime and decreased property values.”

Clark earlier emailed members of the protest group images showing where the Love’s Travel Center would be and proposed office buildings she said would face Cotton Lane.