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Glencroft Center for Modern Aging unveiled a new 13-bed behavioral care unit to care for residents with cognitive issues.

The new unit is significant because its research-based redesign focuses on quality of life for residents and allows for greater privacy and security for its residents.

The private rooms are named Joshua Tree and are housed in a subunit of Glencroft’s skilled nursing facility, Providence Place. The rooms are designated for adults diagnosed with global cognitive impairments (GCI), which includes types of dementia and gives residents private space while providing a safe, secure environment for living.

“Glencroft has intentionally reduced patient head count in its rooms and continues to invest in the quality of life for our residents,” said Scott McClintock, chief strategy officer at Glencroft, adding that even though the rooms are licensed for double occupancy, residents will have individual privacy in the new unit. 

“This is an investment in the health and well-being of our residents and is paramount to our ongoing focus on ensuring our residents have the best space, care and security for their needs. Joshua Tree and our new behavioral unit is simply an expansion of this mission,” McClintock said.

As clients’ needs dictate, several other areas at Glencroft have moved toward the conversion to private rooms designed to provide a more spacious, home-like feel for residents.

Gus Ohlson, Glencroft’s behavioral program director, said Joshua Tree is already making a positive impact on the community and its 900 residents.

“We are open, and our residents are responding in a positive way,” said Ohlson, an RN who has spent his career in behavioral health field. “With Joshua Tree, we have created an environment and atmosphere of safety and a pleasant place for our residents to live and be comfortable. We are proud to work with our residents and their families to create a place for their specific needs. It’s very rewarding and valuable for everyone.”

Joshua Tree and its new units were specifically designed for the residents living at Glencroft, and it’s a perfect addition to current behavioral health programs, said Jonathan Mackey, LCSW, executive director and clinical director at Chandler-based Brain Solution. He is the new unit’s consultant.

“Large, private rooms are especially helpful for patients with GCI, as crowded, overstimulated and noisy atmospheres tend to aggravate those with GCI,” Mackey said. “The units will continue to serve a specific patient need at Glencroft with specialized housing designed for their needs.”

Located in Glendale, Glencroft is the largest senior living campus in Arizona.