Close up of male hand putting vote into a ballot box

"Ballots will include a return postage-paid envelope. There will be no polling places provided."

Give city council and the mayor a big raise? Or not?

If they have not already, Glendale residents will have to register soon to be able to vote  in a mail-only election.

 The election is being conducted as a ballot by mail. All registered electors in Glendale, regardless of party registration, may vote by returning their ballot before the Nov. 5 deadline.

To participate in the “Special Election by Mail,” Glendale residents must be registered to vote by Monday, Oct. 7. 

The two ballot issues:

• An amendment to Article II, Section 8, of the Glendale City Charter relating to salaries of the mayor and council members.

• An amendment to Article IX, Section 5, of the Glendale City Charter relating to the time of holding primary elections.

On the former, a  “Yes” vote would raise the salary of councilmembers by 55%, from $34,000 to $52,685. The mayor’s salary would increase by 43%, from $48,000 to $68,490. 

On the second ballot measure, a “Yes” vote would change the dates of the primary elections to conform with state law. A “No” vote would keep Glendale primary elections as is, with the city holding primary elections “in even-numbered years on the eighth Tuesday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.”

According to a city spokesman, publicity pamphlets with voter and election information in both English and Spanish will be mailed to households before the official ballot. After Oct. 9, each registered voter will receive a ballot through first-class mail. 

Ballots will include a return postage-paid envelope. 

There will be no polling places provided.

Voters are encouraged to return ballots by mail no later than Oct. 29, to ensure that ballots are received ahead of the deadline. Ballots can also be dropped off at Glendale City Hall, 5850 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale until 5 p.m. on Nov. 5. 

Residents can check their voter registration status by visiting

For more information visit or call the city of Glendale Clerk’s Office at 623-930-2252.