Virus on abstract background

Though Gov. Doug Ducey warned “it’s going to get worse” at the end of June, the number of COVID-19 tests, hospitalizations and deaths increased dramatically in June.

Maricopa County COVID-19 reported deaths by month: April, 141; May, 263; June, 364. In the first week of July, there were 165 COVID-19 deaths in the county. 

Meanwhile, the total number of positive cases increased in June by a factor of more than five.  

On June 1, 9,812 positive COVID-19 cases were reported in the county. On July 1, the number of positive cases in the county was 52,020. (During the first week of July, the total has gone over 66,000.)

In June, hospitalizations from COVID-19 rose from 1,536 to 2,598—a 70% increase. Another 320 people were hospitalized the first week of July.