Mayor Jerry Weiers high-fiving riders

Mayor Jerry Weiers high-fiving riders as they finished their trip.

Mayor Jerry Weiers rode with hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts through remarkable landmarks of the Valley. It was an event unlike any other, he said. 

“There’s nowhere in this country that you can actually go around a racetrack, down to the sixth-largest Air Force base in the world, turn around and go into a stadium and then get food and help veterans at the same time,” Weiers said. 

Weiers led hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts as part of the Mayor’s Big Dog Run Saturday, Feb. 29, held every two years. Participants were required to register for the event, and all the proceeds go to Glendale Community College’s Veterans Scholarship Fund.

Daniel Flores is the director of Veterans Services at Glendale Community College and a participant in the event. 

“The purpose of the event is to have a good time for a great cause,” Flores said. “This is only one of the riding events that hits various areas that you usually wouldn’t get an opportunity to do so.”

Flores said there are roughly 1,000 veteran students on campus, and they can all benefit from the scholarship. 

According to Robert Heidt, president and CEO of Glendale Chamber of Commerce, two years ago, the event raised $10,000 and he expects this year to be an improvement. 

Heidt said there were over 1,500 riders this year. He said the event has a true sense of community.

“It brings our community together and it brings the west Valley together,” Heidt said. “It’s a sense of community.”

The event started at the Glendale Municipal Airport. Riders headed south to Phoenix Raceway where they were able to go around the track on their motorcycles. From there, riders headed to Luke Air Force Base, where they went up and down the runway. Finally, the riders went to the State Farm Stadium for a lap around the inside of the stadium. 

For Wayne Cole, a rider and member of the Military and Veterans Committee for the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, the best part of the event was riding on the runway of Luke Airforce Base.

The riders finished off their journey at Westgate’s Fountains Plaza and ate some of Shane’s Rib Shack BBQ for lunch and beverages provided by Swire Coca-Cola. 

This marks the fourth time Weiers has hosted the event. He said it is a time to bring people together and celebrate the city of Glendale while doing something that benefits members of the community. 

“As Mayor, I get to showcase my city,” Weiers said. “We get to have a good time and camaraderie with people who have the same interests, but most important thing is all the money that is raised for Glendale Community College for veteran scholarship.”