After a complaint was filed against the Mark Burdick for Mayor Campaign about violating Arizona Statutes, an outside source has ruled they violated state statute and have been fined for the violation.

The campaign was found in violation of the statute and has been fined $619.59.

Scottsdale City Attorney Bruce Washburn, who was given the complaint by Glendale City Attorney Michael Bailey, after an internal investigation found there was a violation, ruled that the campaign violated A.R.S. 16-912, which states, “A political committee that makes an expenditure for campaign literature or advertisements that expressly advocate the election or defeat of any candidate or that make any solicitation of contributions to any political committee shall include on the literature or advertisement the words ‘paid for by,’ followed by the name of the committee that appears on its statement of organization, or five hundred dollar exemption statement.”

Washburn was quick to point out that he believed the violation was not done on purpose.

“Based upon my review of the facts, it appears to me the violation was most likely unintentional because the mailer has on it the P.O. Box number that is also the P.O. Box number for the campaign committee,” Washburn said in a letter to the campaign. “Presumably, if the intention had been to keep the identity of the issuer of the mailer unknown, this information would not have been included. The campaign committee, when notified of the violation, did not seek to avoid responsibility, but rather took steps, including placing calls to recipients of the mailer, to provide the omitted information, to ameliorate any harm that may have been done.”

The penalty of the violation can be up to three times the cost of the mailer and Washburn pointed out that the campaign had sent him information about the actual cost of the mailer in question.

“You have provided me with an invoice indicating the cost of the mailer was $1,239, which you have informed me is inclusive of postage and all other related costs,” Washburn’s letter continued. “You have provided me with an invoice in the amount of $212, showing the cost of this corrective action. Additionally, you, on behalf of the committee, have worked with me to try to bring this matter to an expeditious resolution.”