Banner Health

Leaders from Banner Health, its developer partner NexCore Group, Mayor Jerry Weiers and other government, community and business leaders broke ground on the new Health Center. 

Banner Health broke ground last week on a $53 million health center just outside Peoria.

The center, in north Glendale near 75th Avenue and Loop 101, will be Banner’s largest health center. At 128,000 square feet, the facility will have 128 exam rooms and 13 imaging rooms. 

When completed, it will be about two to three times larger than Banner’s next-largest health center.

Banner Health leaders, developer NexCore Group and Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers gathered Wednesday, Jan. 29, to break ground on the new health center. 

The project is scheduled to be completed spring of 2021.

Becky Kuhn, chief operating officer of Banner Health, said their focus was patient-oriented.

“At Banner, our mission is to make healthcare easier, so life can be better,” Kuhn said. “Our mission focuses on providing the best possible health care built on tried and true best medical practices along with innovative treatments and technologies creating real breakthrough in patient care and patients’ outcomes.” 

Kuhn said the new site’s design will emphasize convenience.

“We know so much of the care today is really moving into the outpatient arena,” Kuhn said. “People want convenience, they want reasonable costs and they want access.”

Kuhn said Banner has owned the land for six years. She is excited to continue to develop a partnership with the city of Glendale. 

“We love being in the city of Glendale,” Kuhn said. “One of our largest hospitals is here in the city (Banner Thunderbird Medical Center),” Kuhn said. “To be able to provide this growing, expanding area of the Valley is a great privilege for us.”

Weiers said a health center like this is important because Glendale is the fifth-largest city in Arizona. 

“No one is surprised the city’s experiencing tremendous growth and as we grow, so are our need for quality, accessible healthcare,” Weiers said. 

Patient care is important to Weiers as he said he suffered from cancer years back. He said the inconvenience of the situation really put a toll on his family and he is glad Banner Health is keeping patients in mind as they develop this project.

“If you want to heal somebody, you also have to heal them mentally at the same time,” Weiers said.  

In addition, Weiers said Banner Health provided $6.6 billion in benefits towards the community for services like housing decisions for cancer patients and bereavement camps for children. 

Glendale’s newest Health Center is meant to bring patients convenience for their medical needs. Its design and choice of staff will reportedly make it a smooth process for patients to access their healthcare. 

“For all their success and incredible growth, they have never lost sight of what truly matters and it’s taking great care of people in the communities they serve,” Weiers said.

The health center at 7701 W. Aspera Boulevard will employ 215 health care professionals, including 47 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Primary care will include family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics. Specialties will be cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, orthopedics and vascular treatment.