Councilmember Sam Chavira was cited for “speed greater than reasonable and prudent” March 15. His appearance in Glendale Municipal Court was scheduled for April 20, but he failed to appear.

Court records indicate he was sent a letter April 20, notifying him that he had an overdue fine and the court had ordered the MVD to suspend his driving privilege until full payment was received.

During a telephone conversation April 25, Chavira said he paid the ticket.

“It was just a minor traffic ticket. I paid it and it’s good. My intention was either to go to traffic school or pay it. A glitch, I’m all good,” Chavira said.

When he was asked when he paid the ticket, Chavira said, “That’s my private business.”

Court records show Chavira did, in fact, pay the fine of $408.17 April 25.

He wanted to know why the traffic citation was newsworthy, and he was informed he is a public official and the traffic case is public record.