Small business owners couple

While some are eager for a return to normalcy, others around the West Valley feel extreme caution is still needed in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Glendale Star’s Facebook page took the following poll May 15:

“With Gov. Doug Ducey lifting the stay-home order today, I am (choose one): A) continuing to practice strict social distancing/isolation; B) planning to go out a little more but still practice social distancing; C) ready to return to normal.

Of 18 who responded, six went with “continue to practice strict social distancing/isolation,” four chose the middle option and eight are “ready to return to normal.”

Among those planning to continue social distancing/isolation was Diane Cuff England. “Way too early, with our numbers still going up,” she said.

Renee DeVore took a pragmatic view: “You can answer C (‘ready to return to normal’) all you want — but retail, restaurants, etc. will still make you social distance.”