Phoenix Children’s Hospital

As the West Valley continues to rapidly grow, Phoenix Children’s Hospital announced plans to build an Arrowhead Campus in Glendale. 

The new freestanding, three-story facility will offer inpatient care, an emergency department, an outpatient surgery center and a multispecialty clinic. 

The Arrowhead Campus will feature 24 inpatient beds, six operating rooms, two minor procedure rooms, 30 emergency bays/trauma rooms and a 45,000-square-foot medical office building to house orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, oncology and other specialty services. 

“This expansion dramatically increases pediatric health services for families and the community,” said Robert L. Meyer, president and CEO of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. 

“This is a big day for Phoenix Children’s and the West Valley. We are grateful for the people and partners who have helped us get here, and we look forward to being a bigger part of this vibrant, growing area.” 

The groundbreaking for the Arrowhead Campus is set for the summer, with the specialty clinic set to open in spring 2023 and the hospital in spring 2024. 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Arrowhead Campus represents an investment of $134.7 million and is expected to support 76,000 annual visits. 

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers said he is particularly excited about the close proximity his residents will have to quality health care. 

“I’m confident the Arrowhead Campus will help families with their health care needs by providing access to specialized professionals and top-notch services in a convenient location,” Weiers said. “You won’t have to drive downtown anymore, and that’s huge. The quality of life becomes much better and much easier on the patient.”

The announcement of the Glendale facility comes just two months after Phoenix Children’s reported it was opening a Southwest Campus in Avondale in 2023.

Additionally, the Phoenix Children’s Sports Medicine Clinic in Avondale is expected to open later this year. The clinic will provide physical therapy, rehabilitation and education services to the young athletes in the West Valley.  

While the clinic will serve athletes, Dr. Heather Menzer, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist, said it will bring additional exposure to other Phoenix Children’s specialists and services. 

“While I’m particularly interested in the expansion as it relates to sports medicine and the sports medicine facility, I think that this also increases our ability to deliver these facilities to multiple specialties, including several pediatric subspecialties,” Menzer said. “We’re very, very excited to bring that to you on a more local level in providing this individualized care to your backyard.”

All three West Valley Phoenix Children’s facilities round out to a total investment nearing $200 million.  

“The West Valley is booming,” Meyer said. “The population is projected to grow at twice national rates over the next five years. Kids represent a big part of this growth. It is estimated the number of children will grow 25% by 2030. These children deserve to have access to world class pediatric medical care right in their own backyard,” Meyer said. 

Meyer said he’s pleased children will have the help they need. 

“I think it’s a huge benefit for people because, take cancer patients for example, you’re getting chemotherapy, generally speaking, for three days a week. Do you want to make three trips from Glendale to Downtown Phoenix, or would you rather do that at a facility at 67th Avenue?” Meyer said. “We are a community, and everybody needs that access.”

Additionally, Meyer said there was a clear need for the facilities as the West Valley population continues to grow, thus growing the demand for pediatric health care services. 

The West Valley is estimated to grow at twice the national rate in five years, while the pediatric population is estimated to increase by nearly 100,000 by 2030. 

In addition to helping children throughout the West Valley, the Arrowhead Campus, Southwest Campus and Sports Medicine Clinic will provide more than 650 jobs. 

As for Avondale, Mayor Kenn Weise said the population growth statistics speak for themselves, indicating that a quality health care facility like Phoenix Children’s was vital for Avondale. 

“Last year, almost 30,000 kids in Avondale went to emergency departments. So, it tells you the need that we have,” Weise said. “Having this facility in the Northwest Valley, having the facilities in Avondale, are huge for our residents. It also speaks to the growth of the West Valley.”

Phoenix Children’s Hospital now offers services at more than 40 locations throughout the state, with further expansion plans to continue to serve the continued population growth in Maricopa County. 

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