Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas encourages customers to call 811 before digging.

Southwest Gas is warning customers of the dangers associated with digging into a utility line and encourage customers to know what’s below — call 811 before you dig.

Most people are unaware that natural gas, electricity, communications, water and other types of utility lines that communities rely on run through corridors directly underneath them. Many of which may be buried just a few inches below ground.

Unfortunately, too many people in the United States will dig this year without first having underground utility-owned lines properly marked. This can cause interruption of service to customers and, more importantly, poses an extreme safety risk to the person digging.

Southwest Gas reminds the public that a natural gas leak can be detected by a distinct sulfur-like odor, like rotten eggs, even if it’s faint or momentary.

Unusual hissing or roaring coming from the ground or an above-ground pipeline, bubbling water and discolored plants or grass surrounding a pipeline can also be signs of a leak.

Contact Arizona 811 from anywhere in Arizona at least two full working days prior to digging. Arizona 811 will send the utility companies out to the site to locate and mark the underground lines, pipes and cables at, or near, a planned dig site. Customers can also make an 811 ticket request easily online using E-Stake.

In Arizona, uniform color codes for marking of underground utilities are:

Red — electric power

Orange — communications, cable TV, fiber optics (with F)

Yellow — gas, oil, dangerous materials, products lines

Green — sanitary sewer systems

Blue — water systems, slurry pipelines

Purple — reclaimed water

Pink — temporary survey

White — proposed excavation

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