Wence Arevalo

AZPOST began proceedings to revoke the peace officer certification of Wence Arevalo, a former 24-year veteran of the Glendale Police Department who was convicted of a misdemeanor for falsifying time cards.

Wence M. Arevalo was convicted of a misdemeanor after the former Glendale Police Department sergeant admitted to falsifying time cards.

The Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, better known as AZPOST, is considering revoking Arevalos’s peace officer certification. 

A motion to start proceedings against Arevalo passed unanimously at the AZPOST Nov. 18 meeting.

After serving as a reserve officer in Glendale from 1993 to 1995, Arevalo was hired by the department in July 1995.

The Glendale Police Department received an anonymous tip and started an internal investigation last December, according to documents provided.

Arevalo retired last December after receiving a notice he was the subject of an internal investigation. He was accused of “reckless falsification of timesheets since 2018,” said Jose Santiago, a spokesman for Glendale police.

The investigation found Arevalo had been working simultaneously for both the Glendale Police Department and Louisiana State and Arizona Christian universities.

According to investigation documents, Glendale was paying Arevalo $49.22 per hour.

“Between the dates of Dec. 13, 2017, and Nov. 8, 2019, Wence Arevalo falsified his timesheet by claiming hours worked for the city of Glendale while simultaneously being claimed by other outside employment agencies. The total amount of hours falsely claimed total 74.5 hours at a total loss of $3666.89,” an investigation document stated.

A felony theft complaint against Arevalo, a resident of Litchfield Park, was filed March 4. 

As part of a plea deal, the charges were dropped to misdemeanors.

On Aug. 5, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge sentenced Arevalo to six months of unsupervised probation. 

The AZPOST board voted unanimously to “initiate proceedings against Mr. Arevalos’s peace officer certification.”