COVID zip codes

COVID-19 cases in an area of Peoria that borders Glendale continue to rise dramatically.

COVID-19 tests in Peoria-Glendale ZIP code 85382 increased from 61 to 102 in a week, making it the third-highest ZIP code for positive tests in the state, according to data provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services. 

The striking 62% rise gave 98532 one less positive test than Mesa 85206 and two leas than Tucson 85714 as of April 21.

Glendale ZIP codes had smaller increases.

Glendale 85303 went from 12 positive tests to 22.

Glendale 85301 increased from 29 positive tests to 38.

Glendale 85302 went from 15 to 19 positive tests.

The 85345 ZIP code, which includes parts of Peoria, Sun City and Glendale, rose from 26 positive tests to 39.

And 85308, which includes parts of Glendale and Phoenix, went from 28 positive cases to 32.

Combined, the ZIP code map shows Glendale with more than 100 positve COVID-19 tests.

However, there is a caveat on the map: “Over 90% of cases were mapped to the address of the patient’s residence.  If the patient’s address was unknown the case was mapped to the address of the provider followed by the address of the reporting facility.”