Ha Hoang Trang

Ha Hoang Trang, 65, was killed Oct. 29 as he crossed a Glendale street.

An investigation continues regarding a Glendale pedestrian killed crossing a street.

Ha Hoang Trang, 65 and a Glendale resident, died Tuesday, Oct. 29, after being struck by a car near 55th Avenue and Camelback Road. 

Tiffany Ngalula, a police spokeswoman, said first responders administered emergency  first aid and transported the Trang to a local hospital. 

“The driver involved remained on scene following the incident,“ she said.

Asked if Trang was in a crosswalk or crossing mid-block, Ngalula said, “Information about the pedestrian is still under investigation as there were conflicting witness statements and evidence.”

She said detectives from the Vehicular Crimes Unit determined the vehicle had been traveling westbound when it struck Trang, who was crossing Camelback Road.

“It does not appear speed or impairment were factors of the collision,” Ngalula said. “The investigation is ongoing at this time. The driver has not been charged criminally.”