The city of Glendale was notified by its arena management company, ASM Global, on Dec. 20 that it received a $923,388.27 payment from the Arizona Coyotes.

This payment brings the Coyotes current through Dec. 31, for monies owed for their use of Gila River Arena.

The Coyotes have also indicated that past due taxes, since June 2020, have been paid and that the Arizona Department of Revenue will remove the sales tax lien that was placed on the team on Dec. 3.

With the financial obligations of the team fulfilled through the end of 2021, the city will allow the team to continue to operate under its current use agreement, said Jay Crandall, Glendale’s public information officer.

Assuming the Coyotes keep current on rent and associated charges, the team can continue to use the arena and facilities until the expiration of the agreement on June 30, 2022, he added.