The battle over signatures is not over.

Last week, Maricopa County Superior Court judges rejected attempts to have candidate for mayor Michelle Robertson and candidate for council Bryce Alexander removed from the ballot.

Demetra Lau, a supporter of Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers, appealed the ruling by Judge John Smith in a May 1 filing with the Arizona Supreme Court. 

“With everything the residents and community of Glendale are dealing with, one would think Jerry Weiers would be focusing his energy on the needs of Glendale and doing something purposeful and impactful for our residents and business, instead of spending time fighting court battles on petition signatures,” Robertson said.

“Jerry Weiers and Demetra Lau are trying to manipulate this election for their own gain, and not the good of Glendale,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Councilwoman Joyce Clark also took her challenge to the Arizona Supreme Court.

She alleges Alexander does not have enough signatures to be on the ballot.

Elections for mayor and city council seats are scheduled for Aug. 4. Clark is the only council member facing a challenge.

Clark and Lau are both represented by Timothy La Sota, a Phoenix attorney.

With the May 11 deadline for ballot printing looming, Arizona Supreme Court Judge Andrew Gould ordered La Sota to file an opening brief of his Lau appeal by Monday, May 4.

La Sota filed an opening brief in the Alexander signature challenge May 1.