Glendale City Council

Glendale City Council does not have the power to grant liquor licenses, but it gives recommendations to the state. Council recently gave the thumbs up to a sports bar and the thumbs down to a vape shop.

At its Aug. 11 meeting, Glendale City Council considered several requests for liquor licenses.

City council was not in favor of a Series 10 liquor license request by Chimney Daze Smoke and Vape Shop.

The Glendale Police Department recommended the application be denied as a result of an investigation into illegal gambling. But attorney Jake Curtis said Chimney Daze owner Joenisha Renee Vinson should not have the application protested.

“My understanding is that the protest is based on the fact they had what may be a gaming device in their shop for a short period of time,” Curtis said. “The owner of that device assured them it was legal.”

After receiving notification that the device was “potentially not legal,” Vinson immediately stopped using it, according to Curtis. Vinson never received a notice of violation from the Arizona Department of Gaming and the device in question has not been operated since March, Curtis said. 

Glendale Deputy City Manager Rick St. John said a Glendale Police Department investigator witnessed the device in operation and confronted Vinson in April. St. John said, at that time, Vinson claimed she had no prior knowledge that the device was illegal. 

“They (investigators) were met with quite a bit of resistance from the owner, who didn’t want to talk to them,” St. John said. “For that reason, as well as for the reasons of the gaming devices, (the investigator’s) recommendation is that this council protest this license.”

Councilman Jamie Aldama voiced concerns regarding the council’s potential denial “based just on that one item.”

Others disagreed.

“I believe that we should uphold the finding of our staff on this issue,” Councilwoman Joyce Clark said. “They did not receive immediate cooperation from the proprietor of the business.”

Clark questioned if Chimney Daze would actively cooperate with city officials in the future. 

The city council recommends or denies liquor licenses requests, but they do not issue licenses.

There were no public protests received during the 20-day posting period.

Ketts Place Approval

The city council unanimously approved the recommendation for the approval of Ketts Place, a sports bar, to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control.

According to the council record, Ketts Place’s liquor license request will not increase the number of liquor licenses in the area of 5304 N. 59 Avenue.

Glendale’s development services, police and fire departments reviewed the application and determined that it meets all technical requirements. Ketts Place is more than 300 feet from any church or school, according to council records.

No public protests were received for Ketts Place during the 20-day posting period from June 18 through July 8.