Jermarion Moses Imasuku

Jermarion Moses Imasuku, 32, was arrested on Nov. 2 after what police called “a 48-hour crime spree.”

Glendale Police arrested Jermarion Moses Imasuku, 32, on Nov. 2 after what police called “a 48-hour crime spree.” He was charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated assault and armed robbery.

On Oct. 30, Glendale Police were told by an 18-year-old female she had been kidnapped, and sexually assaulted, “and the suspect attempted to kill her more than once,” said Tiffany Ngalula, a police spokeswoman.

 The victim told officers she was walking down the street with her puppy when the suspect drove up to her quickly and “stunned her with his car door.”

 “She attempted bravely to scream and tried to fight him off. He (ordered) her to stop screaming or he would cut her with a knife when she continued to fight, he did commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by cutting the victim,” said Ngalula.

“After the victim thought she was going to die he forced her into his vehicle and took her to another location where he sexually assaulted her and then attempted to murder her two more times. The victim was able to run away from the suspect and find someone to call 911. The suspect took the victim’s personal belongings (and) her puppy.”

On Nov. 1,  Glendale Police responded to armed robberies at three locations. 

The suspect was wearing a Halloween costume at a convenience store at 51st and Orangewood avenues. At a motel near 59th and Glendale avenues, the suspect wore a surgical style mask.  At a gas station near 51st and Olive avenues, the suspect wore a hockey mask. 

“The same suspect went inside each location armed with what was believed to be a semi-auto handgun demanding money from each clerk,” said Ngalula.

“The suspect and his vehicle matched the description of the suspect from the attempted murder and sexual assault and the robberies.”

 Detectives collected evidence and identified Imasuku as the suspect. He was arrested  and booked on the following felony charges: armed robbery, aggravated assault, violent sexual assault, kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, unlawful flight from law enforcement and theft.

Police were searching for the victim’s puppy and requested anyone with information to call the police department at 623-930-3000.