Debbie Lesko visits Rotary Club

U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko, Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, talks about her brief history in Congress Aug. 2 during a Glendale Rotary Club luncheon.

She’s only been in office since May 7. U.S. Rep. Debbie Lesko was elected to her office in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District to replace Trent Franks, who unexpectedly resigned in early December. She won a special Republican primary election on Feb. 27 and a special general election April 24.

At an Aug. 2 Glendale Rotary Club luncheon, Lesko said the day she was sworn in, she was given a voting card and now has three pieces of legislation under her belt.

The first bill is called the Make Education Local Act, which would give control of education back to individual states.

The second bill involves securing ports of entry. She said there are 300 ports of entry in the U.S. with many of them built 40 to 50 years ago. She said they need to be modernized. Her bill has already passed the committee on homeland security, she said.

The third bill is a resolution that deals with Medicare and Social Security. Lesko said the U.S. House of Representatives wants to protect both and secure them for future generations.

Lesko said she would like to serve on the Armed Services Committee, the same committee Franks served on, and believes she may have a good chance of being selected.

Once Lesko completed her presentation, she answered a question from a member of the luncheon audience. She was asked what she thinks of printing plastic guns.

She replied that she doesn’t know what other people think, but “I’m a Second Amendment person.” She said one argument brings up the point that printing 3D plastic guns is quite expensive and it’s easier to get a regular (metal) gun.

The 8th Congressional District includes a large part of Glendale and Goodyear, all of Peoria, Sun City, Sun City West, Youngtown, El Mirage, Surprise, Litchfield Park, Avondale, New River and Anthem.