Peoria Police Department

David Sanchez was arrested the day after a fatal shooting near 87th and Manzanita drives in Peoria. The location is near Peoria Crossing and Raymond S. Kellis High School.

According to court documents, the killing of one 19-year-old by another came after the victim tried to break into the suspect’s car.

David Sanchez is charged with killing Nathaniel D. Fowler Jan. 3 outside the Sanchez family home on North 87th Drive in Peoria, near Peoria Crossings and Raymond S. Kellis High School in north Glendale.

Sanchez faces first-degree murder charges.

After a 911 caller reported hearing an argument and gunshots around 10 a.m. Jan. 3, responding officers found a man down in the street with apparent gunshot wounds.

The man, later identified as Fowler, died at the scene, said Amanda Gaines of the Peoria Police Department.

A blood trail led from two bullet casings and a set of car keys to where Fowler’s body was found.

According to court documents, Fowler had two bullet wounds—one in his right hand and one in his back.

The Peoria police report states Sanchez admitted to shooting Fowler.

Fowler had been at the Sanchez house the day before, playing video games with a younger brother of Sanchez, according to the report. On Jan. 2, Fowler asked David Sanchez to loan him $200 to buy a car battery, but it was not stated if any money changed hands.

The following morning, Fowler knocked on the door of the Sanchez home, but David Sanchez told him to go away because “everyone was still asleep at the house,” according to the police report.

After seeing Fowler trying to get into Sanchez’s BMW, Sanchez grabbed a gun and went outside, according to the police report.

Sanchez told police he shot Fowler twice.

“Sanchez did not know why Fowler was trying to get in his car as there is nothing of value in it, and Sanchez did not see Fowler armed with any kind of weapon,” according to the report. 

After the shooting, Sanchez “went back into the house, unloaded the firearm, placed it on a table, and took a shower.”

He surrendered to police officers without incident. 

In his booking information, Sanchez is listed as being 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighing 135 pounds. He turned 19 six weeks before the shooting.

A preliminary hearing for Sanchez was scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 13.