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A new survey shows Glendale is the top destination in Arizona for Gen Zers when it comes to looking for a rental. 

The RentGrow Inc. study shows Glendale ahead of fellow Valley cities Mesa and Phoenix, which came in second and third place. 

The study was based on 3 million rental applications by RentGrow Inc., which conducts online tenant screening services for independent landlords around the country.

According to this study, in 2019, the share of Gen Z renters in Glendale was 18%. This number then increased to 25% in 2020, which means that in just a year, the share change of Gen Z renters spiked by 39%.

This is a big number compared to the second most popular city, Mesa, which comes in at a 29% increase in Gen Z share change. It is an even bigger change from the fifth most popular city, Tucson, which only had a 22% share change of Gen Z renters in the city.

Glendale’s economic development director, Brian Friedman, said it’s no secret why people are moving to the city. 

“Glendale is bringing top employment opportunities so residents can live, work and play in the same area,” Friedman said. “There is also an affordability component and proximity to Phoenix.”

Based on Zillow’s home value index, the typical home value in Glendale is $299,304. This is significantly less than the No. 2 top trending city, Mesa, which has an average of $323,071.

Daniel Coste, a communications specialist at RentCafé, a nationwide internet listing service for renters, said the pandemic drove people to Glendale. 

“The option of working from home has been a huge incentive to stay in areas that are more pocket friendly and can get them more space for less money,” Coste said.

But housing is not the only reason why people are attracted to Glendale. Kevin Bravo, a 21-year-old Phoenix resident, said he loves to visit Glendale for fun. 

“I like Glendale because it offers a lot of good places to eat and a lot of good places to hang out, such as Westgate and the State Farm Stadium,” he said.

As for his part, Coste added, “Another aspect that makes cities like Glendale attractive is the vibrant, close-knit community that can be built here, with young adults being more willing to contribute to their hometowns and engage in small-business activities.”

And though there is no certainty that Gen Z renters will live in Glendale for a significant time, Friedman shared what he hopes for the city’s future. 

“In Glendale, we will continue to try and make a difference in the lives of the people we serve every day,” Friedman said.

“The ultimate goal is to have a city that continues to evolve over time. Those in Gen Z can grow in Glendale, obtain quality education in Glendale, work in Glendale and have fun in Glendale. If we continue to provide all the amenities and resources they need, there is no reason for them to go anywhere else.”