Man dies after crashing vehicle into wall

A 25-year-old is dead after being found unrestrained in the driver’s seat of a vehicle following multiple collisions early in the morning on July 20.

Just after midnight, Vicente Hernandez was traveling south on N. 75th Avenue from Union Hills in a 2005 Chevy truck when the car drifted and hit the concrete median.

As Hernandez continued driving south, the vehicle struck vegetation before crossing lanes and hitting the west side of the roadway block wall.

The truck continued to hit vegetation as it headed south until it struck a city light pole and caused it to crash on the ground. Hernandez’s truck reentered the road and spun out of control until it came to a halt.

When officers arrived, Hernandez was found unrestrained in the driver’s seat and was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to Glendale police, Hernandez was traveling at a high rate of speed.