Gold Star from the Glendale Chamber of Commerce

Businesses who complete a safety checklist can get a Gold Star from the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and Visit Glendale.

Glendale is asking businesses to pledge they are ready for a “Gold Star.”

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce and Visit Glendale are starting a program designed to help consumers and the visitors who come to Glendale understand the sanitation and health protocols local businesses follow. 

“We wanted businesses to have a way to show their commitment to going above the minimum standards and for visitors and residents alike to be able to easily identify those businesses that have pledged to do so,” said Visit Glendale Administrator Danielle Dutsch.

She said the idea is to highlight those businesses that have pledged to exceed the recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The new Glendale Gold Star program is designed to help regain consumer confidence about visiting local businesses and restaurants.

“A lot of these businesses are struggling because of the lack of foot traffic that may be entering their once-thriving business,” said Mat Droge, a city spokesman.

“The Glendale Gold Star program will help businesses to implement CDC recommended protocols and help customers to be informed about the sanitation and health standards being used in Glendale businesses.”

Glendale businesses can participate in the Glendale Gold Star program by pledging to follow enhanced sanitation and health procedures. Interested businesses should contact the Glendale Chamber of Commerce or visit its website at

“There is no way to remove all possible risks,” said Glendale Chamber President and CEO Robert Heidt. “This program allows businesses an opportunity to meet and exceed in their sanitization and health processes and allows consumers to have a better understanding about the practices of businesses they choose to visit. This will help keep our community safer, our businesses open, our jobs secure and our economy moving forward.”

The chamber will provide a Glendale Gold Star checklist, which includes not only the sanitizing efforts set forth by the CDC, but it also specifies additional ways a business can go above and beyond and apply those practices to their operations. Once completed, they will return their signed checklist to the chamber, which will register them as a “Glendale Gold Star” business and provide them a certificate they can display in the window of their establishment.

The chamber and Visit Glendale (Glendale Convention & Visitors Bureau) will also maintain a list of participating businesses on their websites. 

Glendale businesses that take the pledge by Nov. 1 will be entered into a drawing for two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines.

Consumers will still need to abide by any individual safety protocols set forth by local, county or state mandates and CDC recommendations.