Abrazo West expects jump in robotic surgery procedures

Orthopedic surgeons at Abrazo West Campus are performing knee and hip surgeries with the assistance of the Mako robot’s computer-guided technology. (Keith Jones/Submitted)

Abrazo West Campus continues to see an upward trend with joint replacement surgery, anticipating over a 50% increase in procedures using its Mako robot-assisted surgical system.

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain and its hampering of daily life, but joint replacement surgery may offer a solution. Orthopedic surgeons at Abrazo West Campus are performing knee and hip surgeries with the assistance of the Mako robot’s computer-guided technology, which the facility introduced as an option for replacement procedures two years ago.

“The surgeon guides a robotic arm during the procedure, precisely positioning the implant according to the predetermined surgical plan,” said Lige Kaplan, M.D. “In studies, Mako robotic assistance has been shown to significantly improve implant position when compared with standard manual techniques. This is true for hip replacement, knee replacement and partial knee replacement.”

Robotic surgery offers many benefits, which includes reduced post-surgery pain, less blood loss, fewer and smaller scars, increased precision for more accurate joint replacements, faster recovery, shorter hospital stay and less risk of infection.

​​“Using the Mako we can create a 3D map of each patient’s individual anatomy,” said Christina Khoury, M.D. “The technology allows me to develop each patient’s individual surgical plan before entering the operating room. I can see the patient’s bone structure, identify the appropriate implant size, orientation and alignment for each patient’s unique anatomy. This can afford a more accurate placement of the implant, which can result in a better outcome for our patients.”

Paula Davis of Glendale said she suffered from persistent knee pain for over 10 years and that the pain escalated to the point where she was unable to enjoy traveling. She underwent knee replacement surgery with Khoury in April and was so happy with the results that she has already scheduled to replace her other knee.

“I like to travel with family, and it got to the point over the last few years where I could really walk around anymore. It really significantly impacted my ability to enjoy life. So far it’s been really good after getting the new knee. I’m already looking forward to my next trip in November,” Davis said.

“We are encouraged by the continued interest in robotic surgical technology at our hospital as evidenced by the growing numbers of patients seeking advanced treatment options,” Abrazo West CEO Hans Driessnack said. “In addition to the Mako robot, Abrazo West’s surgical services also offer the daVinci robot for general surgery and Globus ExcelsiusGPS robotic platform for spinal fusion procedures.”

Abrazo Health is one of the largest health systems in Arizona and serves the greater Phoenix area in a number of disciplines. Programs include cardiovascular, neurosciences, orthopedics, spine and sports medicine, trauma and emergency services, surgical robotics, general surgery and maternity care.

Its system consists of Abrazo West Campus, Abrazo Arizona Heart Hospital, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, Abrazo Central Campus, Abrazo Cave Creek Hospital, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus and Abrazo Surprise Hospital. It also has free-standing emergency centers, primary care and specialty physician practices and graduate medical education programs.

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