Ray Malnar

Ray Malnar is shown signing applications for petitions to gather signature for his run in the recall election in the Sahuaro council district.

As the recall election of Sahuaro district Councilmember Gary Sherwood draws near (Nov. 3), only one possible candidate has pulled the papers necessary to run in the election.

Ray Malnar, a resident of Glendale for more than 25 years and who has owned a floor-maintenance business for nearly 20 years, is in the process of gathering the needed signatures.

“We will be filing our signatures when we have gathered the maximum number possible,” Malnar said.

Malnar said his organization has been gathering signatures and he has been surprised at the reaction from voters.

“It has gone very well,” Malnar said. “I am impressed with how involved the voters are and how much they are tracking the recall. They are happy to sign when I knock on their door and I’m getting similar feedback from my volunteers.”

He said he plans on submitting the signatures in the next few weeks, but he is gathering petitions from volunteers and auditing them for accuracy.

“Voters are upset with Councilmember Sherwood and seem grateful to know that there is an alternative,” Malnar said. “They have good questions about what I will do differently and are happy to sign after we speak. Some even help collect additional signatures for their neighbors, so the gathering has been great.”

In the recall election, the ballot will list the reason for the recall on the top followed by the candidate statement, which Sherwood failed to submit in time to get on the ballot.

If no candidate files to run against Sherwood, then it would list his name followed by a line for any possible write-in that still would have to submit a candidate packet.

Malnar expects to be on the ballot because of the support he is getting.

“I am more enthused about the campaign than ever,” Malnar said. “I’m humbled by the support I am receiving from the district and the city as a whole.”

The last day to file nomination petitions was Aug. 5 and the last day to file nomination petitions is Sept. 4.