Derick Bonilla

Derick Bonilla was shot and killed by a Glendale police officer Aug. 14. Video of the incident was released Dec. 14.

On Dec. 14, the Glendale Police Department released the video of the officer-involved shooting of Derick Bonilla, who was killed by police Aug. 14.

The incident began with detectives spotting Bonilla in a stolen vehicle. He was followed by three unmarked vehicles, which boxed in the stolen vehicle Bonilla was driving when he pulled up to a Circle K gas station near Camelback Road and Black Canyon Highway. 

“As the suspect was returning to the vehicle, after purchasing something inside the convenience store, three detectives moved in to make an arrest,” said Jose Santiago, a Glendale police spokesman.

“Those detectives also radioed for a nearby uniformed officer to assist with the arrest.”

The following moments are not shown, as the detectives were not wearing body cameras.

Footage from the uniformed police officer called to assist show him pulling into the gas station.

Three gunshots can be heard just as he arrives at the scene.

The officer’s camera shows him getting out of the car and rushing to where a detective—crouching on the hood of a car—is pointing a gun at a man on the ground and commanding him, “Show me your hands!”

Later, as the unidentified uniform officer and detectives identified as Detective No. 2 and Detective No. 3 were performing CPR on Bonilla, one detective said, “He knocked me down.”

Another detective said, “Why would he grab a (expletive) gun in front of us?”

The video shows a gun near Bonilla, who died despite the lifesaving efforts of the officers and paramedics, who arrived within 10 minutes of the shooting.

According to Santiago, “At one point during the altercation a detective, who was fearing for the lives of he and his fellow officers, fired his handgun.”

Bonilla was well known to the Glendale Police Department, who arrested him multiple times.

Bonilla, who was 39, was sentenced to a total of nine years in prison for car theft, misconduct involving firearms and resisting arrest.

He served about three years and had been out of prison since 2017.

The Department of Public Safety is investigating the officer-involved shooting and is responsible for submitting results to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.