Glendale Police

Glendale Police clarified information regarding the Oct. 13 incident, in which Levy Isaac Madueno Santibanez, 17, was shot and killed by a Glendale Police officer. 

A Glendale Star report stated Santibanez fired a handgun at an officer responding to a late-night “illegal party” on 68th Avenue. 

“There was very preliminary information put out on the night of the shooting that was factually incorrect and through the continuing investigation we learned that officers were not fired upon,” said Jay O’Neill, a police spokesman.

O’Neill said Santibanez was firing his handgun when police arrived. “His arm and handgun were pointed in the direction of where the party was taking place,” O’Neill said.

Santibanez, he added, “received multiple verbal commands to both put his hands up and to get on the ground, all of which were ignored.”

The Glendale Police Department has not released the name of the officer who shot and killed Santibanez.