Glendale firefighters

Glendale firefighters arrived on scene of a condo fire near 60th and Oregon avenues in mid-March. After reporting heavy fire from the bottom floor, firefighters stopped the fire’s progress and kept it from spreading. The family escaped, but the firefighters rescued their pet snake.


The Glendale Fire Department made a reptilian rescue after responding to a condo fire near 60th and Oregon avenues on March 19. 

“We know that animals are family, too,” the Glendale Fire Department tweeted. 

The family escaped unharmed, but Capt. Anthony Valverde noticed a shattered aquarium that burst due to the fire’s heat when the blaze was extinguished. With low visibility, he couldn’t tell what was missing. The crew soon learned the family had a pet corn snake remaining in the house.

Valverde located the snake and reunited the pet with the family. 

“A pet, no matter what it is, is still part of that person’s family, so it was good to know that we were able to go in there and reunite them with their pet,” Valverde said. 

The home was a total loss. 

Companion Pets in Crisis provided the family, who lost everything in the fire, with a new enclosure to house the pet snake. 

Valverde recommends keeping pets cages or in enclosures near a door so they are close and easy to find in case of an emergency.

“If you do have pets inside, do not attempt to go back inside and get them out. Wait for us to do that,” Valverde said.