Arizona Cardinals donate $10,000 to ‘Girls in STEM’ program

Nicole Bidwill and Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum recently presented the Arizona Science Center with a $10,000 donation toward its Girls in STEM program. (Arizona Cardinals/Submitted)

On behalf of the Arizona Cardinals, Nicole Bidwill and Cardinals offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum recently presented the Arizona Science Center with a $10,000 donation toward its Girls in STEM program.

The goal for the Girls in STEM program is to get girls in grades 4 through 8 involved in the STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — community, through interactive and fun activities to help the next generation of women in STEM.

“We’re extremely excited to be getting a donation to our Girls in STEM program,” said Sari Custer, chief of science and curiosity for Arizona Science Center. “The Girls in STEM mission is critical for Arizona Science Center, and it’s a program that allows us to help empower and inspire girls when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math.”

Located in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Science Center focuses on advanced learning of the next generation through interactive exhibits. From learning about the workings of the human body to under-the-sea lifestyle and even outer space, the center’s colorful and easy-to-understand facility is informative to people of all ages.

At the event on Nov. 8, Arizona Science Center, with the enlisted help of Beachum, put on a demonstration for 30 female students from Sunland Elementary School, located in Phoenix.

With the use of some liquid nitrogen, boiling water and a lot of smoke, the demonstration was educational and showed how fun science can be. It was met with excitement and awestruck faces of aspiring STEM students.

“It was amazing,” Tolleson resident and Sunland science teacher Arianna Johnson said. “They get so excited; they love to talk about it. I just love to see them so happy and excited about something that’s educational, something that could take them further in life. It’s just awesome to see.”

Following the scientific display, the girls were then taken into another activity, depicting the importance of binary and computer coding, through making fun bracelets for the girls to have. The Sunland students and chaperones showed their gratitude for the Cards by gifting Beachum with a signed football from everyone in attendance.

“It is so important,” Beachum said. “I have two young girls of mine and I’ve been a huge advocate for science, technology, engineering, arts and math for a number of years.”

A Title I school, Sunland Elementary doesn’t have the funds to get materials and supplies the Girls in STEM program needs. The donation from the Cardinals will not only help Arizona Science Center, but it will be a catalyst for the girls participating in the program to want to continue their academic journeys and advance in the STEM community.

The donation will also offer assistance to students who don’t think they can participate, as the support will give scholarships to young girls wanting to join the program. With the support that the program is getting and the dedication to making the STEM community more fun and diverse, the Girls in STEM program will continue to make a difference for many young girls moving forward.

“Getting them to experience the things that make the world go round, it’s beautiful to see them get so excited and just want to learn more,” Johnson said.

“So, getting something like a donation to a program, I mean, it would change their lives. It motivates them to want to become something and do something, hopefully, in the science field.”