Jiten Darjee Chhali Subba

Jiten Darjee, 30, and Chhali Subba, 34, face felony charges for removing their 11-month-old child Jason Darjee from custody.

Glendale Police briefly issued an Amber Alert on Friday, Oct. 11.

Jason Darjee, 11 months old, had been placed with his grandparents by the Department of Child Safety.

“Jason was removed from  parents due to malnourishment from being homeless, and parental alcohol and drug use,” said Tiffany Ngalula, spokeswoman for Glendale Police.

His father, Jiten Darjee, 30, and mother, Chhali Subba, 34, visited Jason at his grandparents’ Glendale home.

On Oct. 9, Jason’s parents went for a visit and took Jason with them, telling Jason’s grandparents that they were allowed to have their son back, according to Ngalula. 

DCS did a home check and discovered Jason was not at the grandparents.

Two hours after the Amber Alert was issued, it was cancelled.

“The baby was safely located in Phoenix and both parents are in custody,” said Ngalula.

“The parents will be facing Class 4 felony charges.”