As a newly certified Fit-To-Retire coach, Kirtus Brutsman of Wilde Wealth, now offers a systematic, holistic approach to help clients make the transition to a successful retirement.

Using Fit-To-Retire’s exclusive psychometrically-designed Readiness Assessment, Kirtus can measure a client’s degree of readiness and enthusiasm in financial and non-financial areas of retirement. He can then create a customized Pre-Retirement Checklist and 100-Day Playbook for the client that help take the anxiety out of all aspects of retirement planning.

Research shows baby boomers are uneasy about areas of retirement not just related to their finances. Fit-To-Retire’s unique set of online tools are specifically designed to address four non-financial identified areas that concern baby boomers’ health and nutrition, self-identity, personal relationships and social, as well as financial.

Brutsman’s office is 19420 N. 59th Ave., Building C, Suite 261. For more information, email, or call 480-361-0541.