Glendale City Council

Glendale City Council moved forward with the annexation of Glendale 303, 100 acres north of Cotton Properties in the Loop 303 “New Frontier.”

Glendale continues to be land hungry, showing it is far from finished with annexing land near the Loop 303 — dubbed “The New Frontier.”

At its June 9 meeting, Glendale City Council advanced annexation plans for Glendale 303, 100 acres north of the previously annexed Cotton Properties. Glendale 303 is west of the Loop 303.

Council also approved the annexation process of 10 acres at Northern and 107th avenues, bordering El Mirage.

And council approved a pre-annexation development agreement with the massive, 800-acre Allen Ranches. Of the land, 200 acres are expected to be developed for homes and 600 as industrial.

Allen Ranches, Glendale 303 and Camelback Alsup — a parcel between Luke Air Force Base and Goodyear, next to Falcon Golf Course— could all officially be voted into the city at the next Glendale City Council meeting, scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 23. 

Also June 9, Glendale City Council approved a $747 million budget, which is 1.5% more than the current $736 million budget.

City Manager Kevin Phelps noted a preliminary budget was almost finished three months ago, “then “COVID-19 required us to make a major pivot.”

Nearly $30 million in federal CARES Act funding has made the city confident enough to increase its staff and approve a 1.5% cost of living adjustment (COLA) to all city employees, who will also be eligible for a 1% performance-based increase.

The budget, which funds the fiscal year starting July 1, includes an operating budget of $444 million, a capital improvement budget of $175 million, a debt service budget of $87 million and a “contingency appropriation” of $41 million.

Total revenues for the coming fiscal year are projected at $668 million, with general fund revenues expected to be around $241 million.

At $6 million, property taxes make up a small portion of general fund revenues, dominated by sales taxes expected at $113 million.

Phelps stressed the budget is balanced with no increase to the primary property tax rate. The Glendale Police and Glendale Fire departments combine to total $150 million, two-thirds of the general fund.