Glendale Police

Six people were arrested in Peoria, Glendale and Yuma for kidnapping and beating a 20-year-old pregnant family member after years of threats, Peoria police said.

Goodyear, Tolleson, Avondale, Phoenix, Peoria and Yuma police departments worked together to arrest the suspects.

Those arrested were:

• Zahraa Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, threats, disorderly conduct.

• Yaser Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, disorderly conduct.

• Fares Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, disorderly conduct.

• Bashir Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence).

• Ali Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery, threats.

• Souad Alfartousi: kidnapping (domestic violence), aggravated robbery.

The multijurisdictional investigation involves multiple crimes including kidnapping and aggravated assault in the last two years.

In May, Peoria police received a call from a man’s family saying his pregnant girlfriend’s family was threatening him. They said they would kidnap a young family member if the girlfriend wasn’t returned.

Peoria detectives said the pregnant woman, her boyfriend and his family filed more than 20 police reports with various Arizona police agencies. The reports ranged from complaints of disorderly conduct and harassment to an escalation of aggravated assault and kidnapping. 

The victim’s brother, Bashir, was arrested by the Yuma Police Department and booked in March for attempting to kidnap the victim. According to the Yuma police report, the victim said her brother kidnapped her and planned to bring her back to her family, who would have likely killed her. 

Peoria detectives additionally learned of a kidnapping on Aug. 18 in Avondale. In this incident, the victim’s family kidnapped her from a parking lot as she arrived at a doctor’s appointment. 

Ali, Yaser, Zahraa, Souad and Fares pulled the victim into a vehicle and punched her in the stomach. Two witnesses in the parking lot helped her escape.  

On Aug. 26, the Peoria Police Department served three search warrants at two Peoria homes and a Glendale apartment. The victim’s parents and siblings were arrested and were booked into jail. The charges may be amended, according to Peoria police.

Peoria police are encouraging those with any information regarding this case to contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.