It’s not every day a five-member school district governing board gets to look through a list of 150 or more fundraiser activity requests and says, “OK” or “not OK.” But that is what the Glendale Elementary School District Governing Board did July 26 during its regular meeting.

Each year before school starts, the GESD board is presented with a list from its 17 schools. And each year, the board has to say yes or no. Requests may involve fundraising to pay for field trips, T-shirts to build school spirit or for new library books. None of the requests requires funds from the district’s budget.

GESD communications director Jim Cummings said the schools must get board approval before they can conduct fundraisers on campus.

Assistant Superintendent for Financial and Auxiliary Services Mike Barragan prepared the request list and it was approved unanimously as part of the board’s consent agenda.

Board approves educational management contract

The Governing Board approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council (GPEMC) for the purpose of providing educational management services, programs and activities “in a cost-effective and educationally sound manner” for the 2019-23 fiscal year with the right to renew for an additional four years.

In his rationale for recommending approval of the agreement, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Auxiliary Services wrote in his communication to the board: “The district has participated in the IGA with Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council for over 15 years.

Through the IGA with GPEMC, the district receives valuable support in the areas of finance, superintendent’s office and curriculum. GPEMC provides a conduit to Phoenix area school districts through which pertinent school district information flows from the Arizona Legislature, Arizona Department of Education and Auditor General’s Office.”

The annual fee of $8,850 paid to GPEMC is funded by the district’s maintenance and operations budget.

The item was on the consent agenda and there was no discussion by the board.