detail of a police officer

By Glendale Star Staff

A burglary suspect died after being shot by a police officer on a residential street near Downtown Glendale early Tuesday, Dec. 22.

According to Tiffany Ngalula, a police spokeswoman, an officer responded to a burglary alarm around 4:30 a.m. on 59th Lane near 59th and Northern avenues, a few blocks from Downtown Glendale.

“The officer located a Hispanic male suspect in the backyard,” Ngalula said.

She said the man jumped over a fence.

“The officer confronted the suspect in the street where the adult male suspect had a large, 2- to 3-foot long, solid metal bar in his hand and came at the officer,” she said.

Ngalula said the officer, a two-year veteran, shot the suspect.

She said other officers responding to the scene provided first aid before Glendale paramedics arrive.

“The Glendale Fire Department pronounced the man dead on the scene,” Ngalula said.

She said the investigation is continuing with the officer who shot the suspect placed on administrative leave “as standard process.

“We will review the officer’s body-worn camera to determine what happened,” Ngalula said.