Dr. Linda Larkey

Dr. Linda Larkey is the chief investigator for the Recovery and Rejuvenation Study.

Eligible West Valley breast cancer survivors may contribute to possible medical advances and earn money while attending a class at Grand Canyon University. 

The Recovery and Rejuvenation Study is sponsored by ASU and the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

ASU researchers are enrolling survivors for a free, eight-week series of one-hour classes that start at Grand Canyon University on Saturday mornings August 31 to October 19. 

The study offers three different series of classes. Participants in two of the series will learn gentle movement techniques; the other focuses on reading and discussing. 

All three approaches will be taught by trained ASU researchers and have proven to help breast cancer survivors, according to Dr. Linda Larkey, the chief investigator for the research study.

“Evidence-based research indicates gentle movement and peer support are both associated with significant benefits for cancer survivors during treatment and beyond,” Larkey said. 

“We are hoping to learn why that might be, and which approach is most beneficial.”

Participants who complete the study will receive $70 in gift cards. 

“We find that in addition to the gift cards, participants take away from the study greater feelings of well-being and the knowledge that they have contributed to the science of survivorship,” Larkey said.

The study has three initial eligibility requirements: stages 0 to III breast cancer survivor; between 45 and 75 years of age; and six months to 10 years past primary treatment.

Those who are interested can call ASU’s research study line at 602-496-2329 or email rnr@asu.edu.