Save Glen Lakes

The group Save Glen Lakes has a new goal: Create a referendum for voters to choose on the development of Glen Lakes Golf Course, which Homes by Towne plans to develop as a 173-home, gated community.

Having failed in a bid to convince Glendale City Council to preserve Glen Lakes Golf Course, the group Save Glen Lakes is attempting to put the issue to voters.

Preserve Our Parks and Open Spaces—a group with many Save Glen Lakes members, including Jane Bachmann—said it is “collecting signatures to refer Resolution No. R20-136 and Ordinance No. O20-72 back to the voters.”

Bachmann confirmed the new group is much like Save Glen Lakes, with a new goal: “To get Glen Lakes on the ballot.”

On Oct. 13, Glendale City Council passed the resolution and ordinance, which cleared the way for Towne Development/Homes by Towne to close on a $6.5 million deal to purchase Glen Lakes Golf Course and develop it as Trevino at Glen Lakes, a 173-home gated community.

Councilman Bart Turner voted against the measures Oct. 13, but the other six Glendale council members voted in favor of them—though Lauren Tolmachoff  qualified her votes.

“I do not take any pleasure in casting this vote,” she said. “We’ve spent over two years debating this issue, and it just doesn’t make financial sense to me for a city of 250,000 people to have two nine-hole municipal golf courses. Literally there’s a nine-hole municipal golf course five and a half miles from here. I don’t see any other option for us but to move forward with this.

“I think it’s the right thing to do for the city,”  Tolmachoff added. “I know the residents are not going to be happy.”

She was right about that, as Preserve Our Parks and Open Spaces is attempting to fight back.

“With these two actions, the city gave itself permission to override the voter-approved general plan that prioritized and protected our parks and open spaces, like Glen Lakes, from development,” said a press release from the group, which plans to collect signatures until Nov. 10 for a potential ballot measure in 2021.

“This is our veto power,” said Kelly Carbello, chair of Preserve Our Parks and Open Spaces.

She said the group will try to collect 4,000 signatures “with vigilant adherence to CDC guidelines and recommendations. We will be taking every precaution—PPE (personal protective equipment), pre-wrapped pens, appropriate social distancing, sanitizing products and lots of hand washing. We will be stationed at various voting locations, appropriately distanced, for voter convenience,” Carbello said.

“Any registered voter residing in Glendale can go to our website or give us a call and we will bring the petition to them so they  may sign. We want to make this as safe and convenient as possible.” 

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