A number of politicians and political committees, aside from those featured in recent stories, submitted campaign finance reports to the city clerk’s office by the end of last month.

Between late November and the end of June, Mayor Jerry Weiers received $10 and spent 45 cents. He has a little over $19,000 in cash on hand for his 2016 re-election bid, according to his latest campaign finance report.

Vice Mayor Ian Hugh filed a statement of no activity with the city clerk’s office June 24. He neither raised nor spent any funds for his campaign next year to run again for his seat on the council. He last listed cash on hand, just over $1,000, in a Jan. 31, 2014, report.

Since the last election, Councilmember Lauren Tolmachoff received $500, which was a contribution from SRP Political Involvement, a political committee that represents the Salt River Project utility. She spent about $800, mostly for a victory party last December. She has a balance of $1,500.

Councilmember Bart Turner took in a $500 donation from Pinnacle West PAC, which is tied to the Arizona Public Service utility. He also received nearly $1,200 through reservations to his victory dinner, which represented most of his expenditures. He has $943 in cash on hand.

Councilmember Gary Sherwood did not get any contributions. His expenditures amounted to a little over $100, mostly for checking account fees. He has about $1,200 in the bank, as of June 30, as he prepares for his Nov. 3 recall election.

Gary J. Deardorff – Deardoff for Cholla drained its funds.

Protect Glendale Taxpayers spent about $10,000 on bookkeeping and consulting and gave $7,500 to the committee seeking Sherwood’s recall.

The committee also received a $7,500 contribution from the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, which has a history of making independent expenditures in the city, and gave back almost $700, in accordance with a state statute that allows the return of surplus money.

Protect Glendale Taxpayers, along with Randy Miller for Council and Recall Councilman Gary Sherwood, terminated its committee with the city in the last month or two.

Elaine Scruggs, a former mayor, received no contributions and donated $1,400 of her surplus campaign funds to nonprofits in the West Valley, in accordance with the same state law, which leaves her committee, which was formed in 2008, with about $4,200.

A number of political committees filed reports indicating they were inactive: Arizona Citizens, Bud for Glendale, Committee to Elect Norma S. Alvarez, Committee to Elect Yvonne Knaack, The Committee to Oppose the Recall of Councilman Gary Sherwood, Committee to ReElect Phil Lieberman, Glendale First!, Keep Glendale Safe, Lund for City Council, Michael Anthony Hernandez, Public Safety United and Sheet Metal Workers Local 359 PAC.

Citizens4Petrone is the one committee that has not yet filed a report.

Four committees, who are seeking to recall an incumbent or challenge an office holder in a recall election, were created since June 1 and did not have to file campaign finance reports by June 30.