The Glendale Planning Commission continues to approve housing projects. It approved three new projects in December that could bring nearly 300 new homes to the city.

Among the projects approved were Sarival Farms, Orangewood Terrace, Northern Ridge Estates, Camelback Village and Bethany Ranch.

The site for Camelback Village is currently vacant and surrounded by parks and a church with a property zoned for a shopping center nearby, Senior Planner Paul Whalen said, during a recent workshop.

“There is approximately 19 percent of the site that will be open, green-belt land and there have been no arguments by neighbors against this project,” Whalen said.

Camelback Village will be a gated community with approximately 53 homes on an average lot of 8,260 square feet in size. While the project is still awaiting approval from council, the developer – Hillstone Homes – said it plans the houses to be between 1,700 to 3,000 square feet in size with central open space and a children’s playground on site.

“We are excited to be in Glendale and city staff has worked great with us, and we are proud to be part of this city,” Hillstone Homes representative David McGuire said. “It is an infill site and we have taken great care, so that it fits into the area. It will have approximately 130 feet of green space from Camelback Road to the entrance to the development.”

Also approved and awaiting council approval is Sarival Farms at Peoria and 51st avenues, which is the largest of the potential new developments, with 86 single-family homes. The subdivision is another infill project with 1.56 acres of open space and an average lot size of 6,000 square feet.

Also approved was Bethany Ranch, 71st Avenue and Bethany Home Road, which is a 14.43-acre project that will have approximately 56 homes with lots ranging from 5,025 to 6,838 square feet in size. The subdivision will replace an open area that formerly was used for agricultural uses. Garrett Walker Homes is projecting a gated community with homes starting at 2,100 square feet in size and priced around $230,000.

Bethany Ranch, also from Garrett Walker Homes, will add 56 homes near 71st Avenue and Bethany Home Road, and is also a gated community with homes around 2,100 square feet in size, also starting at $230,000.

Northern Ridge Estates, from LMK Investments LLC, near Northern and 83rd avenues, will add 53 homes on approximately 5,700-square-foot lots. The community will be near the future Northern Parkway - a major east-west limited-access freeway for the region - but a larger buffer is planned along Northern with the average home nearing 2,400 square feet in size.

Finally, Orangewood Terrace, near 81st and Orangewood avenues, will add 51 homes and is being developed by Los Olivos Office Partners LLC. They have not identified a home builder, but they say it will also include a neighborhood community park when completed.