Housing programs

The city of Glendale is making improvements to two long-term public housing programs. Preapplications are available and are due by Monday, Aug. 2. 

“Glendale has 155 public housing units that we own and operate and we have a little over 1,000 vouchers,” said Jean Moreno, community services director of Glendale. 

The public housing program is conventional public housing contained within three Glendale communities. The Housing Choice voucher program was formerly known as Section 8 housing. Participants can choose where to live and will receive a voucher to pay for rent. 

The preapplication is available to everyone in the community.

“The preapplication is for people who think they are eligible and need a resource,” said Moreno. “Anyone who is currently experiencing homelessness or housing instability should apply. They are eligible if they make less than 30% of the median income.” 

Each household may submit one application. Visit glendaleaz.com/housing to fill out the online application, or visit the Glendale Community Housing Office to receive a paper version.

After the deadline on Aug. 2, applicants will be entered into a randomized lottery. Three hundred and fifty people will be chosen and placed on the waitlist for each program.

“The purpose of the waitlist is two things. One, that anybody who needs housing support, typically low-income families, has an opportunity to apply for the program. And, the waiting list helps us to immediately help people when vacancies become available,” said Moreno.

The city of Glendale has limited housing resources but is making changes to their programs to help people as soon as possible, hence the waitlist format.

“We have people cycling through the waitlist throughout the year when they need the resource,” said Moreno. “This was a strategic choice for the team,” said Donald Paredez, Glendale’s housing administrator.

“We want to reach anyone in the community who needs a housing resource,” said Moreno. However, “there is no guarantee they will be matched with a resource.” 

After those who win the lottery are placed on the waitlist, they will be notified when resources become available. At that point, the city of Glendale will reach out to receive eligibility information. If eligibility is confirmed, they will receive the assistance from the appropriate program.

For those experiencing homelessness, “there is an opportunity to share an alternate contact on the application. The applicant needs to list someone that we would be able to notify,” said Moreno.

People with disabilities may request accommodations to complete their application by calling 623-930-3708. The applicant must request accommodation before 5 p.m. Aug. 2. 

To apply for more immediate help, those who need rental assistance or who are experiencing housing instability may apply for short term programs. Learn more about Glendale’s Crisis Assistance Programs at glendaleaz.com/cap.

“We have served three to four thousand people already and we look forward to helping more,” said Paredez.