Morton Salt

Mayor Jerry Weiers presents the Mayor’s Business of the Week certificate of appreciation to Morton Salt Facility Manager Blaine Godfrey and the management team of John Sesser, Christina Miller, Amy Chapman, Abraham Garcia, and Carlos Lopez Avila.

Glendale Mayor Jerry P. Weiers has recognized Morton Salt, 13000 W. Glendale Ave., as the Mayor’s Business of the Week, presenting the company with a certificate of appreciation for contributing to Glendale’s economic well-being.

“Morton Salt is an iconic brand that has become an American household name for more than a century, and we are proud to have them as part of our community,” Weiers said. “It’s a low-key business that uses technology to create a high-quality product that everyone recognizes.”

The solar salt plant on Glendale’s western border has been operated by Morton Salt since 1987, when the company purchased the mining operation from Southwest Salt. The company uses a process called solution mining, whereby water is pumped 3,000 feet under the surface, tapping into a natural salt dome that spans approximately 30 cubic miles underground.

“It is a very pure deposit of salt, which is very beneficial to us because there are certain impurities that other salt deposits have that are not here, so our salt is very useful in water conditioning and in water treatment facilities,” said Blaine Godfrey, facility manager of Morton Salt in Glendale. “Our company is very focused on the health and safety of our team and having a low impact on our environment.”

Using a pressurized well, the salt brine is pushed up to the surface into large ponds, where the sun and wind evaporate the water, leaving the salt crystals for harvesting.

Morton Salt’s Glendale plant employs 35 people to manage the mine, which uses specialized technology and equipment to collect, wash and dry the salt deposits, which are then packaged for water softening and industrial uses.

The Mayor’s Business of the Week is a program initiated by Mayor Weiers in 2014 to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit in Glendale. The purpose of the program is to heighten awareness of local companies by showcasing the many aspects of doing business in Glendale and the positive impact on our city, citizens and local economy.

Businesses that are named Business of the Week are also featured through Mayor Weiers’ social media channels and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce.