Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV announced June 29 it was switching over to 4k digital acquisition for new and production video.

Ed Sharpe, owner and publisher, said, “We are now filming in 4K as a future-proofing measure so that footage we shoot today will still be in a current resolution into the future.”

This is not a new move for Glendale Daily Planet/KKAT-IPTV as it was shooting in a high-definition format when Phoenix and Glendale television and cable stations were still shooting standard definition on Betacam 10 years ago.

Sharpe said, “It  does not matter what the distribution format is; if your acquisition format is at the highest bit rate available to you,  it is possible to  render it  to any sized distribution format currently being used even if it has less resolution.

“This not only helps what we do, but also helps our media partners we share footage and stills with.”