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City needs Turner and Aldama

Here we go again, another attempt by the mayor and city manager to run our city. The last thing we need is a yes mayor council, as we did when the finances got out of control.

We need Councilmembers Bart Turner and Jamie Aldama on the council. They are not yes men. It is fair to say the present council has done a good job in getting finances under control, but not without neglecting some major items — streets, neighborhoods, the centerline of Glendale from 43rd to 67th avenues, which includes all those empty buildings downtown. A major mistake was made in turning down the light rail.  

Have you driven around downtown Glendale? From 43rd to downtown, the golf course or neighborhoods lately?

You will never see anything so dreary. There is just no excitement in Glendale.

Vote Turner and Aldama.

Ken and Sharon Wixon