Medicare for all

"Individuals, not the government, deserve the freedom to select the plan that is best for themselves and their families."

Does Medicare for All provide free health care to illegal immigrants? That is the question I asked in the House Rules Committee hearing late last month. The disturbing answer was, yes, Medicare for All, the Democrats’ push for a government-controlled, one-size-fits-all health plan, will indeed provide free health care to illegal immigrants at the American taxpayers’ expense.

If that is not bad enough, consider this: all private health insurance, all Medicare Advantage plans, and even the current Medicare program would be eliminated, while still carrying a price tag of over $32 trillion with no plan on how to pay for it. Medicare for All is a shift away from the market-based health care system toward a government-run, socialist health care system that will inevitably require rationing of care, increasingly higher taxes, and an overall reduction of quality.

Medicare for All would eliminate all Medicare Advantage programs. In Arizona’s 8th district, 44% of seniors, 70,000 seniors, utilize Medicare Advantage.

Seniors would be forced to move out of a program that they have paid into their entire lives to enter a mandatory government program in which every American would be competing for their hard-earned health care. Not only is this system unfair, but it jeopardizes the health care of millions of senior citizens. I believe that our seniors deserve reliable and superior medical care at affordable prices.

Medicare for All would terminate employer-sponsored health care, forcing 158 million Americans who receive their health care through their job or union into a plan chosen by the federal government. About 75% of Americans are satisfied with their current private health care plans and would be forced to leave these plans for a lower quality, more costly government health care plan. Individuals, not the government, deserve the freedom to select the plan that is best for themselves and their families. Medicare for All will take this choice away from you and your family.

The expansion of Medicare, a program that is already at risk, would be dangerous. If every American was put on Medicare, like this legislation would require, experts say Americans’ income tax rates would have to double, making it the largest tax increase in modern American history. That means your taxes will double to cover the cost of free health care for illegal immigrants.

I am committed to working together to build on proven solutions to lower health care costs for American families. I will not support legislation, like Medicare for All, that threatens the health of seniors, strips hard-working Americans of their health care freedom and forces hard-working Americans to pay for illegal immigrants’ health care. I urge my Democrat colleagues in Congress to change their minds and stop this government takeover of our entire health care system and work with Republicans to create viable health care options for the American people.