Person Putting Letters In Mailbox


I will keep this as short as possible since I know that my opinions and thoughts about this whole mess will not be too far off from everyone else’s when it comes to losing Glen Lakes Course.

Apart from losing this beautiful, historic course and the sense of community it once brought for this neighborhood, I am truly dumbfounded by the shortsightedness and disregard for the citizens of this community by the Glendale City Council. 

There are myriad reasons why developing this land is going to be a mistake, but they clearly just want the money. Maybe so they can fund the $4 million dollar park in Peoria, but I digress.

The city refused time and time again to hear the outcry from the community and ignored even the volunteers that offered to assist in rebuilding the structures.

I say shame on them for the complete disregard and disrespect for we, the taxpaying citizens, who deserve better.

Scott Rusch