Veteran salutes flag

"We as Americans owe our entire lifestyle to the veterans of this great nation."

I am pleased to share that again this year the Maricopa County Justice Courts will participate in Glendale Stand Up. This is an annual event that helps veterans with a variety of issues that include, but are not limited to, legal advice by experts, assistance from the city courts and justice courts, an opportunity to participate in community service, services by the Motor Vehicle Division, job interviews, professional assistance to prepare a resume, educational opportunities offered by Glendale Community College, social services, health care issues, a haircut (not like the ones in boot camp) and even a free lunch. All the services veterans need in one location.

The courts will help with fines management, community service, warrants, suspended driver’s licenses, setting pre-trial conferences and answering general questions. Do not get the wrong idea. We are not here to make everything go away. We are here to find a way to help you be successful. This year the event will be held on Saturday, September 21, at Glendale Community College.

We as Americans owe our entire lifestyle to the veterans of this great nation. If you are not a veteran, thank one, especially when you see a senior citizen wearing a cap that shows a war fought long ago. If you are a veteran, hold your head high. You are a cut above, you put others before yourself and you set the standard for what we as Americans are.

Do you need a ride to the event? Posts 145, 94 and 96 of the American Legion will offer free rides for veterans in Surprise, Sun City, Sun City West and Peoria. To arrange for free transportation, call 623-282–9300. If you have not heard, now any veteran who has honorably served since 1941 can become a legionnaire. Contact you local post for details.

A big “thank you” to the folks at Glendale Stand Up and Glendale Community College for all you have done to make this happen. Volunteers are always appreciated. If you cannot help this year, be sure to sign up next year.

Lessons from the bench: As a fellow veteran I understand the sacrifices one makes for his or her county. If you are a veteran I want to thank you for your service. Please come by and take advantage of all that is offered from the folks that really care about you, our veterans.