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To tell the truth

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Sixty years ago, my dad, Virgil Tolby, told me the world was going to hell in a hand basket. He said alcohol and loose women were the cause.

Well, 60 years later, I think the world is going to hell, and the cause is the loss of trust in our government. I gave up on the newspaper several years ago and now I have given up on TV.

We never knew what “fake news” was a few years ago. Now, that is about all we get. Sure, we have seen politicians and newscasters spin the news for years, but that had basis in truth and they just tried to spin it to their advantage. Now, so much of the news is just made up, fake.

I saw an interview with a guy who admitted he just makes up stories and puts them on the internet with no truth whatsoever. I used to enjoy watching two people debate something. Now, it looks more like mud wrestling. They interrupt each other, talk over one another and he who can yell the loudest thinks he wins; no one seems to want to openly discuss the facts. They shout, yell, have sit-ins and get arrested. Is that the way to really understand different points of view?  

I hear people say I want a politician to tell it like it is. No, they don’t. They want to hear what they want to hear. If not, they will be screaming for his head. I always thought people could respectfully disagree. Not anymore.

I believe, “Wise men seldom disagree, if they are both operating from the same base of information.”

Now with fake news, no one knows the truth and is not willing to seek the truth. Just go on the attack. Cause as much disruption as possible. Lie, cheat and steal. Win at all costs.

I thought we elected people to represent us. Much of what the public hears is fake news. They talk to the guys at the coffee shop and become experts. I prefer to elect someone who can think and study the issues and make the best decision he can make on my behalf. There is no way I can be an expert on every subject. I trust my representatives to spend hours studying the issues. I trust him/her to make the best decision. If I disagree, I still trust him to represent me. I do not march, scream and yell. I’ll just vote for someone else next time.

Lesson: Truth is not important, win at all costs.