In favor of the Pendergast override

"it’s good for our community… and it won’t increase your tax rate."

In just a few weeks, voters in the Pendergast Elementary School District will have the opportunity to help change children’s lives by a simple stroke of a pen and voting Yes on Pendergast’s upcoming override election.

It is no secret that Arizona does not adequately fund education; and why should the children in the Pendergast school district suffer because Arizona does not value our public education system? One thing is for sure … the voters in the Pendergast School District have traditionally put our children first and supported the district by approving prior bond and override elections.

We all have a responsibility to ensure our children are well-educated, have opportunities to achieve success, go to college, and be prepared to enter a competitive workforce.  In order for our children to be college and career ready, we are asking for your continued support. Your Yes vote will allow the district to continue offering free full-day kindergarten at all schools, art/music/and physical education classes, school counselors and health providers on every campus, and to maintain class sizes.

Your support is not just good for students, it’s good for our community… and it won’t increase your tax rate.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Together, we can help change how schools are funded; we can change thousands of children’s lives; and, we can change our future by simply voting Yes for the Pendergast Elementary School District’s override election.

Our children are our future leaders, and we do not want to leave our future to chance.  We are choosing to be change agents and investing in our children. Join us by voting Yes on Nov. 5.