Someone tell the teachers to go back to school. Why? Why should we turn on the people who are fighting for our children? What will happen when your ninth-grader has sixth-grade math proficiency because she has had two years of long-term subs instead of a qualified math teacher? What will happen when your child needs extra attention to understand concepts, but with 40 students in a class, there isn’t extra attention for anyone? What will happen when your child needs tutoring and the teachers are not available because they work a second job to support their family?

Be angry. You should be livid, but not with the schools or teachers. Be angry with politicians who have lied to you by saying one thing publically but not disclosing that the money will come from other educational programs needed to serve students. This dishonesty and deception has to stop.

The damage to your child’s education will continue until we all stand and say enough. Stand up for your children. Write your legislators and vote for politicians who value education over special interests. Stand up for your children by supporting educators as they fight for children that have been abandoned by our politicians.

Patty Davis-Moore