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SRO – a calming action

Glendale Councilmember Jamie Aldama, we can only hope that the sudden exposure to bright light did not permanently damage your eyesight.

Your letter indicates that the only learning a lot of high school students in our city, county and country need is how to get the attention of the politicians.  Once again Glendale’s city manager and police department have done the right thing by taking a necessary action to put a school resource officer (SRO) in each of Glendale’s nine high schools. In the world we live in this year, 2018, a secure and safe learning environment is difficult to come by.

Putting a sworn officer in our city’s nine high schools may well be only a band aid for this point in time. Your suggestion for a meeting of the minds of those closest to all our schools may well be the right thing to do eventually. Right now, that something has been done will help things calm down and allow learning in those high schools to resume.

Patricia and Roger Moore